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Bishop William Murphy III

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 by in BIOS |

Pastor William H. Murphy, III
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the city known as Motown and Hitsville, U.S.A., it’s no surprise that Pastor William Murphy, is an incredible singer! Ask any gospel music lover about the smash-hit gospel song, Praise is What I Do, and they’ll tell you this incredibly anointed song has changed their lives. They often say it had to be written and sang by someone who truly has a heart for God. What comes as a surprise to some, is that this gifted singer/songwriter, is also an awesome preacher.

Pastor William H. Murphy, III, comes from a lineage of preachers, affectionately known as the Murphy Dynasty. The Dynasty began with his grandfather, the elder statesman, Dr. William H. Murphy, Sr. who has pastored in Detroit for over 50 years now. The anointing flowed to his father, Bishop William H. Murphy, Jr. who has pastored in Pontiac, MI, for 20 years. There seemed be to no escaping the anointing to declare The Word of the Lord and to lead God’s People, as Pastor Murphy, III, has led The dReam Center Church of Atlanta, one of Atlanta’s favorite places to worship.

The grace to declare Gods Word was passed down to Pastor Murphy at an early age. He acknowledged his call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as a senior in high school, and was ordained as an Elder in the Lord’s Church under his father’s ministry, at the young age of 23. Pastor Murphy is a faithful, and celebrated son. Pastor Murphy has served both, Dr. Murphy and Bishop Murphy’s ministries well, and was influential in shifting both churches from the traditional ‘devotion’ at the beginning of the service, to what we’ve come to know now as ‘praise and worship’. Pastor served both ministries in every other capacity possible. He’s served as the custodian, the Bus driver, the Minister of Music and as an Executive Pastor. The list goes on and on…but the moral of the story here, is that Pastor has been faithful over another man’s ministry, and now God has given him charge of his own.

Pastor Murphy and his wife, Pastor Danielle, relocated from the Detroit area to Atlanta in 2001, to serve Bishop Eddie Long and The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. While there, Murphy traveled the world ministering in song and preaching the gospel until he and his wife answered the call to Pastor on September 13, 2005.

The dReam Center Church of Atlanta opened her doors on January 15, 2006. Pastor Murphy has seen the young ministry transform lives while going through the arduous process of growing a ministry. Truly an anointed man of God, Pastor Murphy walks with a trifecta anointing of Pastor/Teacher, Intercessor and Worshiper.