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What is @thepreachingapp?

@thepreachingapp is the world’s first Christian broadcast app featuring the best messages from preachers worldwide.

How do I listen?

@thepreachingapp mobile app is available for free in Google PLAY. In addition android and iPhone users can listen in iPhone Radio, TuneIn, Shoutcast, Stitcher, Sony Playstations (via Shoutcast), xiiaLive, Sony Dash, Boxee, iomega, Blackberry, Amazon, and many others including on our website,

How do i join?

Preachers are featured on @thepreachingapp by submission and/or membership. Membership costs $175 a month and allows you to submit 4 messages monthly to weekly broadcast around the world. Reserve your weekly AIR TIME now!

If i sign up when will my messages play?

Airtime slots are reserved on a first come first served basis. Payment is required to secure any particular broadcast time. 

How do I send in my messages? 

@thepreachingapp accepts up to 30 minute messages by mp3 email. The email address for message submission is sent with the membership confirmation email. All submissions must be of CD quality or better.

How do I advertise?

30 second advertising spots are available for $450 per month and replay four times daily.