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Pastors Mauricio & Kris Sonny

Posted on Dec 9, 2015 by in BIOS |

Pastor Mauricio Sonny – On this journey the Lord has allowed me to experience so many different things. I have had a very successful corporate career, where I excelled, and even achieved more than I would have imagined possible. I could always see the favor of GOD on my life while there, but it is and has always been my love for Gods people and my God given passion to help them gain a closer walk with God that has been the backbone and premise to my existence. So my call to pastor, was more so just an affirmation of the works, I had been doing all my life. In fact it helped me better understand why I was so different from other kids, and why my heart yearned to help, and I was so sensitive to others needs verses my own.

To Pastor is not a call to be taken lightly. In fact, when GOD gave me the call, I cried like a baby, because it was at that point that I realized everything was about to change. More than anything I was afraid of the responsibility, and I did  not know if I was ready to take on such a role. But what I did know is that I trusted GOD, with everything in me, and if that was the call, I was willing to answer. So I told my wife, but I still had doubts, so I gave us an out. I said to her, GOD said we are to launch on 10-10-10, and if that’s not a Sunday, it can’t be GOD. But sure enough, it was, and we were obedient to the call GOD gave, and launched the ministry on that exact date.

Pastor Kris Sonny  is the best. A true woman who loves GOD dearly. She does and amazing job, helping raise her three kids, and juggle the life of being the wifey of Pastor Sonny, and then lastly being the Co-Pastor of The Life House.

Pastor Kris and Pastor Sonny have been together for over 20 years. As high school sweethearts, their relationship has played a major roll in where they are today in ministry. Pastor Sonny often attributes who he is, to the support and shared guidance Pastor Kris has given.